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The Yagya, also called Vedic Yagya, Yajna or Yagna, is an ancient Vedic technique of connecting one to pure consciousness and bliss. Yagya is a special Vedic performance performed by traditional Vedic Pandits (Priest) specially trained in this f

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Sri Yagya Foundation

 Sri Yagya Foundation  Yagya Center  Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sharma (Director) Sri Yagya Foundation is an India Based Foundation of Traditional Vedic Pandits who have highest level of Vedic Knowledge and are dedi

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Yagya Categories

Comparing Yagyas | Yagya Cetegories | Yagya PriceSri Yagya Foundation does Yagyas in 4 Categories - C, B, A and Special Category. Here Category C Yagyas are the smallest ones and Special Yagyas are biggest ones.The prices, procedure, quantity of ma

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Yagya Categories

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Comparing Yagyas | Yagya Cetegories | Yagya Price
Sri Yagya Foundation does Yagyas in 4 Categories - C, B, A and Special Category. Here Category C Yagyas are the smallest ones and Special Yagyas are biggest ones.The prices, procedure, quantity of mantras and the result in these Yagyas differ significantly. Therefore select a Yagya that is sufficient and enough powerful to help you in your problems. Doing smaller Yagya for bigger problems may prove to be insufficient. We suggest you to select the Yagyas carefully as per your need even if it is not easily affordale for you because the problems and the remedy of the problems have nothing to make with your affordability.

How we determine Yagya Prices:

The prices of Yagyas are structured according to the number of Pandits and days involved. So when we do a Yagya with 9 Pandits and pay $20 everyday to each Pandit then it becomes $20 x 9 Pandits = $180 per day. Then if you multiply by the number of days like 9 days then it become $180 x 9 days = $1680. Besides we have the costs of Yagya Center, fruits and cloths for Pandits & Yagya Materials. So when you are asked to pay $2000 don't be surprised. You may ask someone to do something for some money. He may do something or not even anything but the result shall be "nothing". Therefore better to do a Yagya that has quality, quantity, procedure and the results too. In case if you want to Yagya but can't afford Yagya, then please contact us and we can try to find out a solution.

For better understanding we give here some technical differences between the Yagyas.


Yagya Category C ($301)

These Yagyas are for small or basic purposes. For example:
1. For help in health irregularities

2. For little improvement in income

3. For happiness in love and marriage

Yagya Category B ($701)

1. For health improvement

3. For protection from enemies

4. For help finding a suitable life partner

5. For happy marital life

6. For little improvement in small business

7. For finding a job.

Yagya Category A ($1101)

1. For curing health problems

2. For saving in accidents and dangers

3. For prevention of life dangers

4. For finding a suitable life partner

5. For getting happily married

6. For improvement in small businesses

7. For finding a suitable job.


Yagya Special Category ($2501)

1. Prevention of life dangers.

2. Help in chronic sicknesss or severe health problems and accidents

3. For finding a desired or high profile partner

4. For saving love and marriage

5. For success and fruitful marriage

6. For big income

7. For big jobs and promotions

8. For winning a court case

9. For help in black magic

10. For help in big businesses

11. For help in selling a property

Planetary Yagyas

The planetary Yagyas are also done by us in 4 categories. The Quantity in mantras is in this case different -

  1. Planetary Yagya Category C

    In This Yagya we do minimum required quantity of mantras for the planets what traditionally and by any other organization is done. For example for Sun 6000 mantra and for Moon 10000 mantra.

  2. Planetary Yagya Category B

    In this Yagya we do 51000 mantra for a Planet.

  3. Planetary Yagya Category A

    In This Yagya we do 125,000 mantra of selected planet.

  4. Planetary Yagya Special Category

In this Yagya we do 125,000 mantra of the planet, 1250 Stotra Path of every planet, 1250 Kavach Path of every planet, Shanti of each Planet and several other rituals to make sure that the Planet has been rectified by every measure to accertain the result. 

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