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About Yagya, Yajna, Vedic Yagya

The Yagya, also called Vedic Yagya, Yajna or Yagna, is an ancient Vedic technique of connecting one to pure consciousness and bliss. Yagya is a special Vedic performance performed by traditional Vedic Pandits (Priest) specially trained in this f

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Sri Yagya Foundation

 Sri Yagya Foundation  Yagya Center  Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sharma (Director) Sri Yagya Foundation is an India Based Foundation of Traditional Vedic Pandits who have highest level of Vedic Knowledge and are dedi

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Yagya Categories

Comparing Yagyas | Yagya Cetegories | Yagya PriceSri Yagya Foundation does Yagyas in 4 Categories - C, B, A and Special Category. Here Category C Yagyas are the smallest ones and Special Yagyas are biggest ones.The prices, procedure, quantity of ma

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How to Pay Yagyas ?

Category: Latest Published on 27 January 2014
Written by Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sharma Hits: 3248


The Yagyas can be paid in different methods, such as:

  1. Cash Deposit on our bank account in India
  2. Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer (international)
  3. Credit Card / Debit Card (you must pay 5 working days in advance)
  4. Pay Pal (you must pay 5 working days in advance)
  5. Western Union / Moneycorp / Moneybookers



Payment Conditions:

1. The Yagya must be paid full in advance before we can start your Yagya.

2. All orders are final and a refund is not possible. 

3.You can change your Yagyas minimum 2 days in advance. 

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